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Tooth Colored Fillings – Composite Restorations

The most common way of repairing teeth that have been damaged by the early stages of decay is by having the affected area filled with a composite resin material. These “tooth colored fillings” not only provide a sound and secure solution for repairing cavities and bonding teeth, but are also more aesthetically pleasing than metal fillings which are not as common in dentistry today, probably for this reason.


Tooth decay is primarily caused by the interaction of two things: the foods we eat and the bacteria inhabiting our mouth. When plaque interacts with the sugars in the foods we eat, acids are produced. These acids attack tooth enamel and cause decay which is why brushing, flossing and periodontal maintenance are all vital in maintaining strong teeth. In the early stages of decay, most individuals will not notice any symptoms. By having regular dental check-ups, cavities which are unapparent to the patient will be identified through the use of cavity detecting x-rays and oral examination. When decay passes through the enamel and reaches the dentin -the soft tissue inside the tooth- the patient will begin to experience pain and/or sensitivity to hot and cold foods or beverages.

People who experience dry mouth are more prone to tooth decay because there is not enough saliva present to wash away extra food particles in the mouth. Decay can develop faster in this case due to a higher percentage of existing bacteria in the mouth.


Before the procedure is started, your dentist may provide you with freezing depending on how deep the decay is. The process of completing a restoration then begins by removing all present decay from the tooth. Before the tooth is filled with composite resin material, a bond must be created to hold the material in place. This bond is achieved by applying several different materials to the area in thin layers. The composite resin is then applied in several stages and light cured following each application. Finishing touches are then completed to ensure your bite is correct by shaping and polishing the filling. If your mouth is still frozen after the appointment, it is important to be mindful to not bite or burn yourself when eating or drinking.

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