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Oral Surgery – Tooth Extractions

There are different reasons why pulling permanent teeth is sometimes unavoidable. If infection/decay is not addressed and travels deeper into the centre of the tooth, it eventually reaches the “pulp” which contains blood vessels, connective tissue, and nerves that all become damaged. If root canal treatment or antibiotics are unable to reverse the infection, extraction is then required to prevent it from spreading elsewhere. Another reason for tooth extraction is tooth trauma that is too severe to be repaired. If a tooth fracture is vertical and reaches the root, there is no treatment currently available to save the tooth and will ultimately result in extraction.

If root canal treatment is not financially feasible, tooth extraction is also used as a less costly way of ridding infection. This is not an ideal course of treatment as problems associated with missing teeth can occur later in life -such as tooth mobility- if the extracted tooth is not replaced.

Any complicated teeth extractions, such as the majority of wisdom teeth cases, are not completed in our office. We refer these cases to a specialist for the completion of treatment.


Prior to commencing treatment, your Ottawa dentist will provide you with local anesthetic near the affected area to make you more comfortable during the procedure. From there, the dentist will begin to remove the tooth using different tools which help widen the socket and loosen the tooth from its ligament. Once the tooth has been removed, you will be given gauze to bite onto which applies pressure and helps stop any bleeding. If stitches are required, your dentist will complete them while you are still frozen. In most cases, our dentists will use a type of suture that dissolves on its own meaning you won’t have to return to have them removed; your next appointment will simply be a follow up to check the extraction site and ensure proper healing has been initiated. You may be sore and tender for a few days following the procedure however our dental team will provide you with post operative care instructions to ensure happy and healthy healing.

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