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Periodontal (Gum) Disease Treatment

Early to moderate stages of periodontal disease can luckily be reversed thanks to the powerful healing effects of laser light therapy. The use of lasers for the treatment of periodontal disease has been common practice in the dental field for over a decade now. Patients often opt for laser therapy to treat periodontal disease as opposed to other surgical methods that can be quite invasive, painful, and time consuming.

Laser therapy focuses on decontamination and regeneration of gum tissue. When periodontal disease is present, infected gums can begin to lose attachment from teeth due to the deterioration of connective tissue. The laser, which is traced around the gum line of each tooth, painlessly removes diseased gum tissue while simultaneously increases the body’s healing response by achieving bio-stimulation. This process ultimately rejuvenates connective tissue and helps with reattachment. Additionally, bacterium that is present underneath the gum line is killed thereby furthering the healing process.

Several appointments are required to complete this treatment and span over the course of a few weeks (usually four to six). The good news is this procedure is virtually painless and requires zero recovery time meaning you can carry on with everyday activities immediately following your appointment. Keeping periodontal disease in remission is only possible by regularly attending your recommended cleaning appointments and by actively participating in proper oral care at home after laser treatment has been completed.

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“…Your dental team provides the best dental care that I have had (I am over 60). By best I include actual procedures, approach and personality.”

Edwin B.

“My dental hygienist is Jo-anne. She is excellent and makes you feel comfortable and explains you the situation. Very professional. Definitely refer my friends to this office”

Rozina M.,

“Sophie has been taking care of my teeth for more than 15 years! She has a fantastic balance between her professional side and personable side; she always remembers details about family and truly cares about my well being as a whole. My three children and husband also see Sophie regularly and always have a very positive experience. I would recommend her services in an instant!”

Christina B.

“Conroy Dental has taken care of all my dental needs since opening their office in the Ottawa south area many years ago. You can be assured that your dental health & well being is in very good hands. Their office staff are also very professionals & make all their patients feel very comfortable & right at home.”

Nancy N.

“Monique did an excellent job cleaning my teeth and was very professional as well as personable. I look forward to speaking with her each time I go in for cleanings and can tell that she is a caring person who has peoples’ interests at heart. I would recommend her to my friends and family. Both the receptionists at the front and back were very friendly and were pleasant to talk to.”

David C.

“I really do not like visiting any dental office, but your staff and the attention that I get makes for an easy visit, even when it comes to paying the bill, LOL.”

Angela G.

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